"The Misfits"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Success (By Donald Mitchell)

OK...first of all, I just want to say, that this has been a thought in my mind for some time now.

So with that said...what defines "success"? Is it defined by the way you look? Or is it defined by how much money you make? Could it even be defined by what your social status is? Or there are those who think of success as if you achieved what you set out to do in life. Could it be that? What defines your meaning of success?

As for me, I'm one of those who is happy when what I set out to do gets accomplished. Prime example...there was a time when I wasn't happy with life....in general. I wasn't happy with my job, and because I wasn't happy with that, it started to affect the other aspects of my life. But I decided that I would make moves to change that...and with the help from God, I did just that. Hence why I chose the song that I did for today's post.

Now honestly, I wouldn't have expected a collabo between Trey Songz and Drake to be as hot as it is. But as always, a bangin beat would catch the attention when otherwise it would have gotten a real evil side eye when mentioned. It gives me a feel of the old school music that once attracted me to hip-hop in the first place. I could see this on the soundtrack of one of the hood gangsta movies that we used to watch back in the day.

Now I'm not really the biggest Drake fan (or even Trey Songz for that matter :-P), but I'm a big fan of this duo on this song. Who's to say that they can't do it again...I don't believe it, but as for right now, I'm content with saying that this is up there on my top list of favorite collaborations. Drake brings a flow to this song that I believe is a personal testimony of sorts, which makes this song that much more likeable.

Yeah, I want things to go my way
But as of late, alot of shit been going sideways

Who's to say that you haven't had this type of day...or month...or even year. I know 2009 wasn't the best for me, but at this point, '10 is definitely becoming more memorable than '09 was.

I want the money...money and the cars.
Cars and the clothes....I suppose
I just wanna be....I just wanna be

Maybe you don't want that same exact thing that Drizzy and Trey want...but in the end, don't we all want the same result: to be successful?

I know I do.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Easy It Is To Recover (Thoughtful Thursday by Donald Mitchell)

Being an recovering undercover over love, Erykah seems to think is a hard task to overcome. So much that she lists a whole slew of things that she would do for the one she loves, even though she knows he doesn't feel the same about her.

This song poses very deep and thought-provoking questions: exactly how far do you go for the one you love? Is it worth you losing your sanity over? And if so, exactly how far into the realm of insanity do you go before you say enough is enough? And most importantly (at least to me): what makes this person the one that is worthy of you losing your sanity?

Erykah says that because she's trying to recover from this love, that it's too much for the brain, all the while, it's not enough to make her leave him alone. She says she would

And I’d lie for you
I’d cry for you
I’d pop for you
I’d break for you
And hate for you
And I’ll hate you too
If you want me too
I gotta do

That's deep. What's even more is that this person is someone that she's shared her love, innermost secrets, and even her living quarters with. And after all of this, the dude wants someone else...after all that she's said she would do for this dude, he wants someone else. That's gotta hurt somethin awful.

But even through all of that, she still is speaking highly of the man...all because she can't let go. Or is it that she doesn't WANT to let him go. I think it's a combination of both, although it probably falls moreso on she doesn't want vs. she can't. But honestly, let's think about that. Doesn't it always end up that way?

So how do you deal with the madness surrounding being an undercover overlover? Speak your mind readers!

Be peace.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

eXactly what do Signs mean? (By Donald Mitchell)

Being as though this month's issue of eXcapethematix is about Zodiac signs, I figured it only be fitting that today's column is about the Zodiac. I mean, we all to some point, believe in the Zodiac...and if not the entire thing, then some part(s) of it. Beyoncè touched a lot on the Virgo side of this in this song:

Me personally, I'm not really big into the whole astrology thing, but I must say that the description of a Pisces (my sign) is ON POINT. Not just for me, but all of the Pisceans that I come across are pretty much the same across the board...give or take a few things. I think that's pretty cool right there.

Now here is the kicker. How far should/would you take the Zodiac reading? I mean do you let it guide your life...or do you just read them for kicks and giggles? Do you let it guide who/what you date simply because "some signs are more compatible than others"? Do you believe that because you mate with your most compatible sign, that you'll end up in eternal bliss? Or do you just let the chips lay where they fall, and once you are involved with that person, you read about how yours and their signs match up?

I think that some of that can be taken seriously, and some of it should be taken with a grain of salt. Reason I say this is because if I know the description regarding a Pisces is pretty on point, then I can assume that the ones describing the rest of the signs are pretty key as well. So with that being said, I guess it's not a crime to take this kinda seriously when trying to figure out if a relationship will work with it. I still don't...but hey...if you do...then do you. #nojudgmentzone here.

I think Bey put it best at this part:

I was in love with a Sagittarius he blew my mind
He also had a flip side too much like a Gemini
He was freaky like a Taurus the way he handled me yeah
Flirtatious like and Aries
Which sign is best for me?

Guess it's up to you to figure out which one.

Be peace my readers.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday (When You Say You Love Someone by Donald Mitchell)

How much do you really love that person? You say that you would go to the ends of the earth for them...and that's all well and dandy, but what happens when someone else catches your eye? You know your heart belongs to the person that you're with, but for some reason, this other person has caught your interest so tough, that you're in a dilemma. Donell Jones described how he would handle this situation.

I had a full blown discussion with a couple of people that I follow on Twitter about this topic. They said that this type of stuff can happen to anyone, no matter what the situation or how long they've been in a relationship. I tend to agree with them. You can't help who you fall in love with, and if you put yourself in their vicinity for long enough, you'll find yourself mixed up in an emotional battle that you weren't prepared for.

This sucks for a number of reasons: #1 being that the person that you're involved with has NO clue what's going on. They think that all is well in their life, when all along, they have no clue that the world that they know and love is about to come crashing down around them. #2 is because all the while, more than likely, you're about to lose something good because you allowed yourself to get caught up in the game. It's bad all the way around, but you got yourself into this situation....so it's up to you to get yourself out of it. There's plenty more reasons I could list, but we'd be here all day!

Now here's the kicker: I actually agree with the sentiment that he poses in this song. I'd rather you leave me alone, than to play me for the fool by juggling (or attempting to at least) a bunch of folks around while keeping me in the dark. So if you've got to roll out because of this, then I'll chuck you the deuces quick, fast, and in a hurry. It may hurt like hell, and we may not talk for quite some time, but in the end, I think I'd respect you more for ending what we have, than running around trying to hide it. I know this sounds strange, but it's the honest to God truth. I don't know if I can think of a single person who would say otherwise (at least truthfully). Think about it long and hard.

How do you feel about this topic? Readers...drop your thoughts!

Thoughtful Thursday (Let's Crawl by Donald Mitchell)

So here's my question: how far are we willing to go with the one that we truly love? I mean, of course people say that they are willing to do almost anything (and in some cases, anything) for that one special person. So what happens when you have to go farther than where you've been willing to go before? Do you give up? Or do you start from the very beginning?

Chris Brown summed it up right here.....and honestly, I think he's the one who can do this. Because as we all know...he made the mistake. Men (or even women) should learn that relationships can be as a newborn child....you may have to take them gently during the course of them, or more damage than good can come out of them. If you get upset, don't take it out on your spouse...unless they are the cause of your anger/irritation. But even then, that doesn't mean you put their forehead into a window (no matter how much you want to..lol)

But what happens when YOU'RE the cause of the drama that's happening at home? What do you do when your significant other is mad at you? Of course, you're going to want to do whatever you can to make things better...unless you're the type who enjoys the drama. Then you just may do things to make it worse...lol. But for those of us who enjoy peace and quiet at the end of a day, then here comes the time when you want to run as much damage control as possible.

In the case of extreme issues, you may have to crawl. This is when you don't have any other choice....BUT start over, if you want things to get back to how they used to be. I'm not talking about literal crawling on your hands and knees, but just as a baby learns to crawl before they walk, that's what your relationship will have to do as well. In my eyes, this is one step short of being reborn again. This is where you will start to learn that person again (or maybe the first time) and maybe, just maybe, you will actually know the person that you say you love.

Now be careful when crawling...you may get to some rough spots and places that may be hard to get over. But keep on striving, because the more you press on, the more you will learn to crawl to heights unknown...which in turn will make you realize that you're no longer crawling....but walking. Pretty soon, you'll be running before you know what hit you, and you're in that love that you proclaimed at first.

So where do we go from here
With all the fear in our eyes?
And where can love take us now?
We've been so far down, we can still touch the sky

If we crawl 'til we can walk again
Then we'll run until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly until there is no wind

But you can't get to the point of no wind until you determine that you want to
crawl, crawl, crawl
Back to love, yeah

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lyrically Speaking (Signs by Beyonce)

Written by: Ccep J. Dew

I must admit: I learned all 12 zodiac signs, in order, by listening to this song. Similarly, Tyrese has a song called, “Signs of Love Making”, but this isn’t that type of article. (Look it up if you’re trying to get your grown and sexy on…)

I don’t know about you, but I’m always tickled when a song shouts out my zodiac sign. I’m a proud Taurus. Are we freaky? Yes… Yes, we are… Are we stubborn? Yup! But, we have other sides, too. And in corresponding and building relationships with people under different signs, I can’t help but take some delight in astrology.

It’s hard to say everything about astrology is accurate because, if you tweak your perspective of any given situation, things can be interpreted to mean whatever you want them to. I always bring up the fact that my big sister Chenita, a fellow Taurean goddess, said to me one day, “April Taurus are sweet. May Taurus are mean.” I immediately took offense, replying, “No, we’re not!” She then described how April Taurus deal with situations head-on and are very blunt and honest (just like my April 30th born dad!), whereas May Taurus are slow to anger, but, when we blow up, it’s catastrophic. I had to agree.

Similarly, Taureans are lovers of aesthetics. The April Taurus in my sister appreciates the finer things in life, like Vera Wang perfume and diamonds (her birth stone), whereas the May Taurus in me loves Bath & Body Works fragrance spray and cubic zirconia (emerald is my birth stone). Oddly enough, my niece Bajel, who was due in May, yet came early in April, seems to be caught in the middle. As far as appearance and aesthetics, she is an April Taurus just like her mom. But, as for her temper and stubbornness, she is just like her Aunt Nisey!

I say all this because knowing someone’s sign not only makes for great entertainment, but it can eXplain a lot about a person. One of my best guy friends has been classified as “arrogant” for as long as I’ve known him. So, of course I was not surprised to learn that he was an Aries: the most “arrogant” and “self-centered” of the zodiac. In a lot of aspects, he’s true to his sign, but to know his life’s story, you understand how he went from lacking confidence as a child to having the best self-esteem ever! And I appreciate that aspect of him, along with his overall caring nature and dedication to whatever he puts his mind to.

To View the article in its entirety, click the link below:

Signs of the Times

The Internet Music Superstar
Written by: Billy Winn

When I was growing up, the idea of having my music heard all over the world was both fantastic and elusive. It was a time when the idea of getting a record deal seemed like a chance that few had the opportunity to partake in, and even fewer were fortunate enough to keep if they did manage to achieve it. But in recent years, that seemingly farfetched idea has changed drastically—as the internet has helped to launch dozens of music careers all across the globe. Artists like American pop singer Cassie and U.K. soul sensation Adele are just two eXamples of major music careers that started with the help of online sites like MySpace.com and YouTube. Internet radio stations are also helping to foster lucrative careers for artists who would otherwise go unnoticed. The question is, however: are most of these artists really being taken seriously by the public and the industry? Or will they simply be written off as overnight internet wonders?

It is a question that one would assume is asked often, or at least should be, especially if you are an artist working to gain success in this way. On the surface, it would appear to be a surefire way to skyrocket to stardom—post a song online and get as many people as you can to listen to it, until the hits reach the millions. But, is it really as easy as it sounds? With so many people who are not trying to become serious artists, but rather, gain their fifteen minutes of fame through shameless online antics, it is difficult to imagine that record companies and consumers of music are prone to jump on an artist’s bandwagon simply because they have a popular online page. Serious artists have to not only utilize the great resources of the internet—but, also continue to go about achieving their dream the old-fashioned way—which means getting to the top is really no easier than it ever was.

That doesn’t mean, however, that overnight fame via the internet is impossible. Many serious artists have taken a new age approach to the old ways of gaining eXposure, using sites like YouTube.com to post footage of live events and shows, informal unplugged performances, and even conducting interviews to tell the world just who they are. Many aspiring artists have also taken to garnering airplay on internet radio stations, which has not only led to great success for so many, but has helped to usher in the golden age of the independent artist. With stations like Pandora radio and Jango willing to play the music of the relatively unknown, as well as post links of where to find and purchase the music, many artists have abandoned the hopes of major label success and are focusing their attention on their internet fans. And considering that they’re able to do so and sell hundreds of thousands of records worldwide, it is easy to conclude that their careers are substantial.

To view the entire article, click the link below:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Music Hits on the Spot (You're Like A Mirror to My Soul by Donald Mitchell)

...but a queen
And finally now I know just what that means

I'm not sure why this particular song has been runnin TUFF in my mind over the past few days. I DO know that it's been on constant repeat in my brain (and on the iPod, and on YouTube as well), but eh, it is what it is.

This is a deep line right here. I don't know what exactly is going on here, but if you find this type of woman that fits you like a glove....chances are, you're not going to want to leave her alone. Honestly....I have one question that always sticks out in the back of my mind:

Is there a such thing as the PERFECT woman or man?

Honestly, I can't say that there is that such person....BUT there is a such person as the perfect one for YOU. One that takes your breath away in one fell swoop...one that only has YOUR eyes. One that has you so caught up, that (in the words of the great Lauryn Hill) "Nothing even matters....no more".

When a person is in love...you've found that person. You're willing to look past their faults, and love their promises; their abilities; their love. And in that alone, makes that person perfect...for YOU.

"No matter how far I go
And no matter how long it takes
No one or nothing can change
Forever yours here I stand"